Lucy Thomas Manning Wikipedia

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Lucy Thomas Manning Wikipedia

Real Name Lucy Thomas Manning
Nickname N/A
Net Worth N/A
Date of Birth 17 June 2013
Age 10 Years Old (As Of 2023)
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Current Residence USA
Nationality American
Profession Celebrity Family Member
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend/ Affairs Single
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Gemini


It is important to mention that Abby shared the news of her pregnancy in March. At present, Manning, who is approximately 41 years old, openly expressed his deep affection for his young daughter, Lucy. That’s why fans of the renowned NFL player are eager to learn more about his daughter.

Lucy Thomas Manning joyfully commemorates her birthday annually on June 17th, as confirmed by reliable sources. Additionally, it is important to mention that she was born in the year 2013.  Based on the available information, it can be concluded that she is approximately 10 years old as of 2023.  According to available sources, she was born in the vibrant city of New Orleans, located in Louisiana, USA.

Regrettably, Lucy enjoys a peaceful existence, far from the spotlight of the media.  Her parents are not very forthcoming when it comes to sharing information about their children’s lives.  It can be challenging to gather information about her life. We have confirmed that she attended a prestigious elementary school and is currently enrolled in a middle school. She is a Gemini, as determined by her birthdate and zodiac sign.

Lucy Thomas Age

As of 2023, Lucy Thomas Manning is 10 years old. She is Eli Manning and Abby McGrew’s daughter.

Lucy Thomas Family

If you’re interested in learning about Lucy Thomas’s family, let’s explore some key information.  According to sources, it is known that Eli Manning, the former NFL quarterback for the New York Giants, is her father.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Lucy’s mother goes by the name of Abby McGrew, and she is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. According to sources, Lucy’s parents were romantically involved during their college years. According to online sources, Lucy is not Eli and Abby’s only child.

It seems that she has three siblings: Ava Frances Manning, Caroline Olivia Manning, and Charles Elisha Manning.

Lucy Thomas Date of birth

Lucy Thomas Manning was born on June 17, 2013. New Orleans was her place of birth.

Net Worth

Lucy Thomas Manning, being only ten years old, has yet to establish her own professional path. This is the reason why she does not possess net worth. On the contrary, Eli Manning, her father, has amassed a significant fortune through his successful career as a retired NFL player. Currently, his total assets amount to approximately 160 million USD.

Lucy Thomas Biography

Lucy Thomas Manning entered the world on June 17th, 2013, in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Her parents are Eli Manning and Abby McGrew.

Lucy had a delightful childhood as she grew up in an affluent family. In addition, she had three siblings.

Charles Elisha Manning, Caroline Olivia Manning, and Ava Frances Manning are their names.

Early Life and Education

Lucy enjoyed a privileged childhood, thanks to her prestigious family background. Growing up with loving parents and supportive siblings made it easy to have all my needs taken care of.

Lucy had a smooth and trouble-free upbringing, experiencing very few challenges in life. Lucy, as a young child, has not yet had the opportunity to attend any educational institutions. However, based on available information, she attended a highly regarded elementary school and is currently enrolled in a middle school.


Lucy Thomas Manning, the young star, is embarking on the exciting journey of her new decade. She has rarely been in the public eye and leads a quiet and private life of her own.

When considering her career, she rarely attends school, making the process of selecting and pursuing a profession quite challenging. As Lucy continues to mature, she may decide on a career path that is meaningful to her and has the potential to create a significant influence.

Lucy Thomas Manning Grandparents and Relatives

She was fortunate to have not only prosperous parents, but also loving grandparents who played a significant role in her upbringing.

Lucy Thomas Manning’s grandfather goes by the name of Archie Manning, and her grandmother is known as Olivia Williams Manning.

In addition, her aunts go by the names Molly McGrew, Lacey McGrew, and so on.

Lucy, as the second daughter in her family, received a great deal of love and attention.

Lucy Thomas Manning Instagram

A growing trend involves allowing younger children to have their own social media accounts. Parents usually take care of it most of the time.

However, Lucy Thomas’s situation stands apart.  Her parents are not comfortable with sharing information about her on the internet. Unfortunately, locating the child’s social media accounts has proven to be a challenge.

Who Is Lucy Thomas Manning dating?

It is always inappropriate to ask about the romantic relationships of a young child.  At her current stage of development, she is in the process of acquiring proficient language skills.

As the daughter of a sports enthusiast, her destiny includes attracting attention as she matures. Lucy, overwhelmed by the presence of teenagers, was hopeful that she would meet a charming companion to hold her hand.


How old is Lucy Thomas Manning?

Lucy Thomas was born on June 17, 2013, marking the beginning of her journey in this world. The little girl is currently ten years of age.

How old is lucy Thomas 2023?

As of 2023, she is currently ten years old.

How many kids does Eli Manning have?

Eli Manning is a former and professional American football quarterback. He tied the knot with his college sweetheart and together they welcomed four children into their lives. Eli Manning, the legendary NFL quarterback from New York/New Jersey, bid farewell to his football career in 2020. Throughout his time in the league, he delighted fans with a plethora of amusing and unforgettable moments.

Who is the richest Manning?

Peyton Manning holds the title of being the richest, with a staggering net worth of $250 million. He earns money through his successful NFL carееr and endorsements from various companies such as Sony, ESPN, Spring, DirecTV, Master Card, Rееbok, and Gatorade.  During his time as a professional football player, the former NFL star received an impressive annual salary of $18 million.

Who made more Peyton or Eli?

Estimates place Eli Manning‘s net worth at around $160 million, slightly lower than his brother Peyton’s. At the time of his retirement, Eli held the record for being the highest-paid player in league history, with a carееr salary of $252 million.

Does Eli Manning have 2 brothers?

Manning was born in New Orleans, the youngest of three boys. His parents, Olivia and NFL quarterback Elisha Archibald “Archie” Manning III were both from Mississippi. During his upbringing, both of his older brothers, Cooper and Peyton, actively participated in playing football.

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