7 Tips on How to Promote a Product on Instagram Efficiently

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Social networks offer an excellent opportunity to reach the right audience and maximize results without a significant investment. Therefore, knowing how to promote a product on Instagram is a central step in any marketing strategy for this social network.

When you make good choices for advertising, the ads become interesting, the direct message becomes busy, and your offer becomes irresistible. For the most inattentive strategies, the probability of low conversions increases, damaging the entire company’s performance.

To ensure your Instagram strategy is successful, we have prepared a post with the best tips for promoting Product on Instagram on this social network.

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1. Have a professional profile

Instagram offers some profile types. Among them is the professional, which can help you create even more robust strategies to obtain sales without spending so much on advertising.

For example, through this type of profile, you will have access to various metrics that will allow you to adjust your actions to reach your audience and make them engage, such as understanding the best times to post, what the profile of your followers is and what way users are engaging with your posts.

This is essential to understand the effectiveness of disclosures and adjust the strategy to achieve better numbers. Therefore, be sure to use the resources offered by the professional profile of this network.

2. Use good images

As said before, this network has incredible visual characteristics, and therefore, using quality photos that have the potential to capture the public is essential.

To do this, it is essential to understand what sizes the images should be, how to edit them to make them stand out, and how to harmonize them on your profile so that your page is attractive and can catch people’s attention.

3. Use the tool’s resources

There are several features that the tool offers intended to make life easier for those who create content and advertise. For example, through Stories, you can show a little of your business’s day-to-day life and interact with your persona to develop a feeling of closeness.

Using IGTV, it is possible to create slightly longer videos to demonstrate the product’s main features, in addition to explaining how it can help people solve a problem.

Feed posts serve as a showcase, so it’s worth taking care of the photos and making them attractive and charming to ensure that customers get in touch. These and other features of the platform greatly help you optimize your results and achieve everything you planned.

4. Use hashtags

Please let me know when you go into a photo; several hashtags appear in the caption. This is another way to reach people to promote your products. For example, if you advertise a cosmetic, you can use #beauty, #skincare, and others.

This way, people using such words to find content on the networks will see your advertisements. Additionally, you appear in explore posts and, consequently, can reach people who previously didn’t know about your brand.

There is also the possibility of using locations. You can include your service point if you have a local business and do not deliver to other cities. This way, you can appear to people who are viewing related posts.

5. Make announcements

On both Facebook and Instagram, there is the possibility of making sponsored posts. Through them, you can segment and reach people with desirable characteristics.

For example, if you want to appear to users with a particular age group, you can limit that aspect in the ads manager.

Additionally, you could promote it to people of a particular gender, with unique pastimes, and who live in a region you need to goal.

Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to invest some assets to boost the attainability of your product and, in this manner, attain more performance and better results.

However, it is worth analyzing calmly and designing your persona’s profile to create effective ads.

6. Humanize the profile

Another fundamental strategy in creating a profile that converts more is the humanization of the brand.

Sharing photos of yourself, the production team, the behind-the-scenes of the business, and the product creation routine brings the consumer closer and makes the content interesting.

Even if you adopt a reserved life, it is possible to share a small part of your life on your profile, transforming that exclusive sales space into a place to talk about your topics of interest and show a little of your entrepreneurial routine.

7. Reply to direct

Many companies need to pay more attention to the potential of direct sales to convert great sales. At this stage, attentive, courteous service that answers the public’s questions is essential. 

To avoid interactions that do not generate sales, it is worth putting a price on the items for sale so that consumers already understand whether or not your Product on Instagram fits their budget.

Profiles without prices cause consumers’ curiosity, leading to many questions in direct, but which are from outside qualified leads. 

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the Product on Instagram description, highlighting the shipping policy, shipping, refund issues, and other essential details so the lead arrives ready to purchase.

What are the benefits of using these tips?

By implementing these ideas, you can transform your sales profile into a space for qualifying your audience and converting sales. Content Marketing strategies and recurring participation in this network can enhance this. 

Opening boxes, creating paid traffic campaigns, and taking advantage of direct sales opportunities are small strategies that together produce significant results. Especially for companies that work with non-perishable products, there is the chance to sell throughout Brazil. 

Therefore, by opening your doors on Instagram, you eliminate geographical limits problems regarding service hours and can significantly increase the volume of customers and, consequently, sales.

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