Ensuring Accessible Healthcare: The Role of RoutingBox in NEMT

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RoutingBox is the best transportation application that fulfills all the criteria needed to develop NEMT Software. This powerful application is because the people behind RoutingBox run a real-time dispatching NEMT transportation company. They are aware of the difficulties you face every day. The goal of this system is to make it easier for patients with disabilities to get to a secure location. It is operational in 43 states and used by over 15,000 people daily. Scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and billing are the main tasks performed systematically by RoutingBox.

Call +1(716) 202-9121 (available during regular business hours) to schedule a free, customized ride to learn more about how RoutingBox works as NEMT software.

I advise taking advantage of this free trial to learn more about Routing Box and gain additional perspective because NEMT needs time and a future.

Application and their features

RoutingBox is a complete transportation application; it helps national and regional brokers get trips automatically from your broker’s portal. Drivers from the driver app complete trips on their mobile devices. Completed trips are sent back to your broker portal with an electronic signature, and payment is made by using the MedBatch medical billing system. These applications automate previously manual procedures, including billing and claims management.

Now let’s explore the RoutingBox application and its features

Desktop App

The RoutingBox Desktop App, developed by NEMET experts, is the most complete dispatching software program. From scheduling to billing, its robust functionalities help right from your desktop computer. Our NEMT Dispatch Software Tool will help you become more productive and streamline your daily tasks!

Route Optimization and visual display

You can design the most effective and efficient routes with route optimization.

Route Suggestion and Visual Dispatching Will-call trips can be a real pain for dispatchers and drivers who are already a few trips into a set route, even though they are a great way to add more trips to your day. Choosing the best driver to take a trip based on ETA and distance from that next pickup, Route Suggestion, and Visual Dispatch work hand in hand. Once those trips are filtered into your drivers’ schedules, the NEMT Dispatch Software Tool will route and adjust them appropriately.

Driver Monitoring

Live driver tracking reduces distracted driving and ensures that your dispatchers have up-to-date knowledge of the location and status of your drivers.

Complete Reporting

The dispatching software from RoutingBox keeps track of all the information required for reporting and potential audits. The software will also store all the data you need to build custom reports based on what is desired or required of you.

Booking Portal

The RoutingBox Booking Portal aids in boosting sales and cultivating client loyalty. To give passengers a first-rate experience, NEMT Transportation Software fills the gap between the facilities you work with and your dispatchers.

Direct Booking of Trips

Your facilities can directly book trips through this website without making a phone call. To win contracts for transportation with facilities, use this as a differentiator.

Track Driver Status and Locations

Because it’s integrated with your current RoutingBox platform, dispatchers can immediately see trips and dispatch drivers quickly and effectively. To avoid calling your dispatchers for a status update, the Facility can see the driver’s current location and status.

Branded Your Business

You can customize the software to increase customer satisfaction and put your passengers at ease. They can make an informed booking decision because they can recognize your brand’s logo and contact details.

Driver App

Your dispatchers at headquarters can communicate with your drivers on the road using the RoutingBox Driver App. While dispatchers have a real-time view of driver locations and vehicle status, drivers receive information and updates from them in real time.

Checklist for Vehicle Safety

You can Utilize personalized pre- and post-shift vehicle safety checklists. RoutingBox allows for customization; you can make your own checklists for your drivers to remember the things that are most important to you.

Tracking History and Location

With the help of color-coded icons, you can quickly see a vehicle’s live status as well as the real-time positions of the drivers. The exact pickup and drop-off locations for each driver should be known, as well as their daily route.

Digital Signature

It can directly record client and driver signatures, latitude and longitude, and time stamps for each trip. Signatures can later be sent electronically or printed along with manifests, billing, and audit reports.

Passenger App

Passenger app users can schedule and track trips in real-time. By giving your customers these tools, you can reduce the number of calls your dispatchers receive.

Eliminate cancellations and Reduce Incoming Calls.

It Informs your passengers before their trip and updates as the driver draws near. There is no confusion or misunderstanding because passengers receive trip alerts and reminders.

Passengers can notify dispatchers for will-call trips with a simple button press. It helps eliminate the need for a pickup request and simplifies the process for dispatchers.

Benefits of the Passenger app

You can use the app to directly reserve self-funded or account-funded trips in advance or on demand.

Regardless of who booked the trip, track the driver’s location and ETA for a precise and effective pickup. Passenger apps get a notification on alerts and reminders. It also informs you to view upcoming Journeys.


RoutingBox is a comprehensive transportation application designed to facilitate Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). Developed by experts in the field, it streamlines NEMT operations, ensuring accessible healthcare for patients with disabilities. The system is operational in 43 states, serving over 15,000 people daily. RoutingBox automates scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and billing, eliminating manual processes. Key features include a Desktop App for efficient dispatching, route optimization tools, real-time driver monitoring, robust reporting capabilities, and a Booking Portal for seamless facility bookings. The Driver App enhances communication and safety through checklists, tracking, and digital signatures. Meanwhile, the Passenger App empowers users to schedule and track trips, reducing cancellations and calls while improving accessibility to healthcare.

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