How a Website SEO Dependent on VPS Hosting Plans in India?

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You might be surprised to hear that the type of web hosting you are using could affect your website SEO. If you ever thought about this and want to know more about it, here in this article, you will get all the information. To host a website commonly there are three types of hosting are there which name is Shared, VPS, and dedicated. On shared hosting there are multiple websites hosted so server space and resources are shared. Resources like CPU, Bandwidth, RAM, disk space, etc.

It is one of the cost-effective solutions in the website hosting market. Due to its cost-effective website owners buy this hosting plan. However, this is not an appropriate option for high-traffic websites. So when a website receives more traffic, owners upgrade their hosting plans and move through VPS or a dedicated server. But a dedicated server is expensive so every website owner can’t afford it. Owners go through a VPS Server because it gives all such benefits to a website that a dedicated server gives at a high rate. 

VPS is a combination of both shared and dedicated. Now a time every website owner wants their website to rank in the top results of SERPs. So for this, they can do their website SEO. 

Creating backlinks is not enough in SEO. On many factors website SEO is dependent. SEO is dependent on a VPS hosting plan also. If you don’t know how it is dependent then don’t worry. In this article, we discuss some points that you get an answer to that really SEO is dependent on VPS hosting plans in India. So read a complete article. 

5 Factors That Impact Your SEO When You Buy a VPS Server Plan in India 

Effect of VPS Hosting on Website Speed 

If you are more concerned about your website’s SEO then you know that website speed plays an important role. Those websites that load the pages quickly get more advantages in SEO compared to those websites that load the pages slowly.  Speed depends on your chosen hosting type. As we already discussed in a shared hosting plan multiple websites are hosted so they cannot provide a better level of efficiency and reliability than a VPS plan gives. 

A VPS Hosting Plan in India provides better speed and performance because this server is virtualized, each user gets an isolated portion of the server. All of this affects SEO also. 

Effect of VPS Server on Reliability And Uptime 

Assume that you visit a website and get a notification that says “ site is not accessible”. How do you feel? Obviously, you don’t like it. Not only you, nobody likes it including search engines (GOOGLE). 

In the market, there are many web hosting providers who commit that they give a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can also buy the best VPS hosting India package which includes at least a 99.90% uptime guarantee. In any case, if your website is inaccessible then a search engine (GOOGLE) lowers your website ranking because they are unable to give a positive customer experience. 

Effect of VPS Hosting on Website Security 

Website security not only plays an important role in the growth and attracting more customers. Security plays an important role in website SEO also. On a shared server there are multiple websites hosted and they have the same IP addresses. Security can be compromised on one website, compromising all websites hosted on the server.

With VPS, the server is divided into many different environments, each with an IP address of its own. You can install many security features in your VPS server India plans. There are fewer chances that your website faces any type of cyberattacks if they are hosted on a VPS  hosting India plan. Cyberattacks cannot harm your website’s reputation they can affect your website’s SEO also. 

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Effect of VPS India Plans on Root Access 

You know that root access is one of the benefits that a VPS offers. Root access gives you control, authority, or permission to make a decision. With VPS hosting India, you can customize your website by installing custom applications, changing settings, and other customizations.

Root access gives you the authority to install third-party security apps, uninstall unused ports, and change the security configuration. Additionally, it makes your website more dependable, trustworthy, and safe.

When we talk about SEO, root access is important. Previously, we learned that secure and reliable websites rank higher in search results. The search engine ranks a safe and reliable website higher than one that is hazardous and unreliable.

Effects of VPS Hosting on Resource Scalability 

With the best VPS hosting plan in India, you will get resource scalability. Depending on your website’s needs, you can scale up or down the resources. To maintain a high ranking, your website needs to scale up resources during times of high traffic. 

Final Words 

If you want to get better SEO ranking then a VPS plan is the perfect choice. And the reasons we discuss in detail above the article. A VPS server India is a cost-effective solution that gives all such benefits that a dedicated server gives without investing too much money. 

Many providers give SSD storage with VPS hosting India plans that guarantee a website’s better speed and efficiency. Choose the VPS Hosting plan that meets all your website’s requirements and also helps you climb the SERP ranks while fulfilling all your individual needs.

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