5 Essential Benefits You Can Get From Custom Business Card Boxes!

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A business card professionally represents the characteristics of your business or yourself! It showcases the contact details and helps in giving access to further approaching the person or the company mentioned on the card. Hence, custom business card boxes help add value to its presentation. This, in turn, increases the sales of your company.

The requirement for business card boxes 

Your business card needs captivating and excellent packaging to engage the audience! Moreover, these packaging boxes protect from any damage and bring value to it simultaneously. 

You can choose various customization options to make your card look fascinating and add a luxurious design to its encasement. 

  • Choose the color tone that matches your brand 
  • Provide several options of styles and shapes
  • Make use of the coating lamination technique for a shiny look
  • Pick and go for quality material for the box

An affordable card-holder box is an ideal solution to introduce your business to your clients in a simple effective and quick. Custom printed business card boxes with logo help increase the value of your company by giving your info card a professional touch.

Categorizing Business Card Boxes

You can have two types of business card boxes :

  • Customized business card boxes: Store your stack of business cards
  • Business card boxes: to keep the card of your clients, visitors, or yours that is required during meetings.

Customized business card boxes come with branded logos and designs along with important personal information about your company.

Thus the perfect assortment of logo and designs on the box, display you as an efficient professional in front of your customer about how serious you are in their work.  This packaging comes in several shapes like pillow case but most rectangular shapes are preferred.  Further, it is best to keep them simple however, embellishment can be put into it. 

Protects From Damaging Effects

Business cards are made of thin cardboard material that requires high safety to prevent any accident.  The shiny smooth appearance of the business card boxes wholesale comes from its cardboard material that presents a vigor look to engage several audiences. It gives so many options to make it a branded product. During shipping it becomes inconvenient for cards to be safe, to overcome this, you must pack them in custom mailers.

  • Cardboard Printing makes it much easier for you to have a variety of designs. 
  • Provides flexible folding to create foldable business card boxes.
  • Protection from damaging impacts with its strong and durable look!

Prevent from Rusting 

Rusting is a reddish-brown color created on the surface of iron due to oxidation in the humid air. Although, the paper card is not an iron material it often gets a red-brown layer. To overcome this problem, water-based coating is used to prevent this corrosion. Many companies make custom box mailers with this technique to secure company cards. 

Resistance to Moisture 

The most important and strong representation of your company is a business card, however, they are vulnerable due to their soft thin paper material. Business card boxes and printed mailer boxes made from fine quality material act as a superhero to protect your card from getting any harm while safely delivering it to your home. In this regard, kraft material proves to be best as it absorbs moisture thus, kraft business card boxes provide tear resistance ability to business cards along with an eco-friendly aspect.

Safeguard from Dust & Dirt

Dust can grab anything that is often not covered or protected. Business cards being an essential part of your company are often subjected to dust. Therefore, customers when taking your business card in their hand may have a creepy feeling due to dust leading to an embarrassing moment for you.  As a result, business card boxes are the solution to shield your cards from getting a single patch of dust while custom mailer boxes protect the online shipping of these card boxes. Further, you can choose from different types of styles for this packaging to be safe from dust particles.

  • Roll over hinged lid boxes
  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Bookend Boxes

Shield From Folding & Curving Effects

It is often seen that due to the wrong placement of a card either by accident or hurriedly on anything, the card gets de-shaped with folded and curved corners. Thus, this creates a very poor impression in front of your audience. The durably strong business card boxes make sure to retain the shape of your card and prevent it from getting curved or folded corners. Moreover, customized business boxes with branded logos and printing designs give a beautiful presentation to the audience.  Mailer boxes custom further make sure to add elegance to the covering of card boxes and prevent damage. 

Final Thoughts

Altogether, custom business card boxes manufactured by professional packaging company offers great protection to your business cards for a lifetime. Thus it helps to represent you and your company with a great impression that lasts for hours in their mind whenever someone sees your fine-quality card as it is saved from any external damage like dust, dirt, moisture, rusting, or curving of the corners. Similarly, custom mailer boxes with its exceptional designs display your brand in an engaging way to your clients!

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