How Fiction Ghostwriters create fantasy to Life?

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Ghostwriters : Twirling in primitive lands and petting a dragon to combat against your mortal nemesis, who does not want to live in a fantasy world? 

The one where magic seeds take you up in the sky, or a fairy godmother tailors a perfect nightgown for you. Oh, how we wish these worlds to come to life. 

But have you ever thought about how these writers come up with such intriguing stories? Or do you also wish to teleport into a world that you wrote yourself? 

Well, if that’s the case, you brace yourself for dimension hopping. Hop on Aladdin’s carpet with us as we embark on a journey to reveal the secrets of how ghostwriters create a fantasy world to bring it to life. 

Hold On, What Are Ghostwriters?

Like writers, these service providers also write a unique and compelling story but are not published under their own name. To cut a long story short, the ghostwriters are paid by their clients to write their work for them. 

Meanwhile, fantasy Ghost Writing is all about creating enchanting worlds for people to explore. These writers make sure to use the exact words to unlock a certain door and take us far away into their enchanting worlds. Below we have summed up everything you need to know about how these miracle workers create fantasy to life. 

The Ultimate Guide To Writing To Merge Our World With The World Of Fantasy

Pre-Writing Stage: 

Prior to jumping head-on to write their complex novels, ghostwriters like to plan things in advance. So, before they start to write, they clarify a few things in their mind to help them later in their writing. Below we have listed some of the factors which these writers reflect on, before starting with their artwork. 

  • Build Your Fantasy World: It is wise to know what you are going to write instead of figuring things out on the way. Conceptualize your fantasy world, set a vibe, and put down a theme and culture for the readers to get lost in. 
  • Creating Your Fantasy Characters: Once you have successfully come up with the idea of how you want your fantasy world to look, it is time for you to design your characters. Select the protagonist, antagonist, as well as the side characters, etc. 

Many fiction ghostwriters enjoy the naming process of their characters. Think about the character arc and how you want certain characters to grow throughout their journey. Choose a villain, because come on, what fun is a fantasy novel without a villain?

  • Fleshing It All Out: It is the final part of your pre-writing stage. Make sure to avoid any loopholes. Revise your plot structure and subplots. Muse on over where you want to drop hints or clues regarding any event occurring in the future of your enchanted book.

With the above-mentioned 3 steps, you are all done with your pre-writing stage. That was fun, wasn’t it? Now let us head on to the next step, i.e. the writing stage itself.

Writing Stage:

Once you have successfully completed your pre-writing stage, this is where things start to get tricky for you. The writing phase can make or break your whole book, so it is important to give it enough attention. Below, we have shed light on some important factors that must be paid heed to to ace your writing stage. 

  • Setting The Scene: Now, the fantasy is all about imagination. No one has witnessed anything from that world themselves. So, keep in mind to make the scenes compelling yet easy to understand by the readers. Weave in small details of your enchanting world one by one, instead of dumping it all together. 
  • Introducing Characters And Plot: Introduce characters one at a time, and define their relationships. This will add more to your story, and make it more compelling. The fiction Ghostwriters create fantasy by adding more depth to their characters and giving the audience a strong reason to care about them. 
  • Make A Perfect Ending: Write a beautiful ending to your beautiful story. If you plan to write a sequel to it sometime later, try to end it with a hook. You can add any revelation or event that will keep the readers on their toes. This hook must be a dramatic question, cliffhanger, or a surprise, opening up a debate. 

With these steps, you have almost wrapped up your enchanted book. To add some final touches to make the story more captivating, some post-writing steps need to be focused on. Read on to have insight regarding this matter. 

Post-Writing Stage: 

Once you are all done with the writing stage of your fantasy book, it is time for the post-writing phase. It is the last step to make your book more concise and mesmerizing. Below we have discussed some of the important steps that are required in this phase. 

  • Revising Your Draft: Now that you have your fantastic characters in place, faraway land in reach, and an engaging story checked, it is time to revise them. Make sure to remove any loopholes or mistakes.  
  • Editing: Once you have revised your draft, we suggest you edit it to make a final draft. Make sure to keep it free from all sorts of mistakes and errors. 
  • Beta Readers And Feedback: Beta readers are more like proofreaders. They read your work, give their opinions, and answer your queries to make your work excellent. Try to contact such readers and set your book up for additional revisions. 

Now that you are all familiar with how to make fantasy come to life, below we have shared some ideas from experts. Read on to find out. 

Tricks And Ideas To Complete A Fantasy Novel

These tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and hit the mark. Make sure to incorporate them in your writing whenever you decide to go on board to your own fantasy world.

  • Balancing Originality And Familiarity: Readers love to explore new enchanting worlds full of fantasy. But they hate feeling like an alien in this mystic and foreign world. This is why it is extremely important to strike a perfect balance between familiarity and originality. 
  • Managing Foreshadowing And Mystery: Dropping hints and clues can help readers remain glued to your book. However, make sure to avoid bombarding them with heaps of tip-offs or else they will be confused. 

Final Verdict: Create Your Very Own Enchanted World For Yourself!

By now, we are sure that you are familiar with how ghostwriters create their enchanting worlds and bring them to life. If you also want to delve into your fantasy world, we suggest you write a mesmerizing book for yourself. By following the above-mentioned tips and ideas, anyone can write a perfectly magical world for themselves.

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