5 Essential Kitten Supplies Every Cat Owner Should Have

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Bringing home a new kitten is one of the most joyful experiences. But it comes with extra responsibilities, such as ensuring the kitty has everything she needs for a comfortable and safe life. Kitten essentials include litter, cat trees or scratchers (the general rule is one per cat plus an extra), and even a cat bed to give her a place to sleep. You should also have a microchip scanner and a collar with an ID tag in case she gets lost.

Litter Box

A litter box and litter are the most essential kitten supplies you’ll need to purchase for your little kitty at Chewy.com. It would be best to get a litter scoop to keep the box clean and free of waste clumps. Some cat owners use baking soda to help control odors in the litter, too. Kittens typically do best with simple “pan” litter boxes with low sides. You can even buy litter boxes with covers and hoods to offer privacy at potty time. Cats prefer to stay in quiet locations without other people’s movements and noises. Ideally, you’ll put the litter box in a low-traffic area of your home, such as a spare bedroom or basement. If you have a tiny kitten, it’s also a good idea to have a cozy bed for her to curl up in and snooze. There are many different bed styles, including beds shaped like caves or burrows, that will keep your cat extra warm and comfy. Soft blankets for the kitten to sleep with is also a good idea.

Scratching Post

A scratching post seems like an innocuous enough piece of furniture, but this simple item can prevent so much damage to your home furnishings. Cats need to scratch to sharpen their claws, exercise and stretch their muscles, and mark their territory. Unfortunately, they often scratch things that aren’t meant to be scratched, such as wallpaper, furniture, and carpets. A cat scratching post can redirect that behavior and save your furniture, so it is one of the essential kitten supplies every cat owner should have. When choosing a scratching post, consider your cat’s preferences. A vertical post is often preferable to a horizontal marking surface for many cats, and it should be sturdy and tall enough to allow them to stretch out fully. Consider using a spray or powder of catnip on the post to attract your cat and encourage use.

Cat Bed

Cats sleep about 15 to 20 hours daily and need a cozy place. They may only sometimes choose to use their cat bed and may prefer to nap in a box or on your lap instead (or on the laundry or anything else that seems comfy). But it’s still a good idea to provide their bed so they can rest comfortably during their cat naps and time lounging. Look for a sturdier bed than a simple cardboard box that can easily be washed. Also, consider a hooded bed with high walls to offer your cat a den-like environment where they can feel safe and secure. Some beds even have heating systems, either self-warming or powered by electricity. These are often great for older cats or kitten Supplies with difficulty maintaining their body temperature. They’re available in various shapes and sizes to fit any cat’s preferences. They can be placed on the floor or atop a tower or perch.


The cat collar is necessary to help you identify and keep your feline family members safe. It should include a breakaway safety buckle, which is proven to save lives by releasing at five pounds of pressure—a handy feature that has spared many cats from getting their necks stuck in fencing or trees, for instance. A collar should also hold your pet’s microchip number and ID tag. Some pet parents may want to consider a GPS collar, which uses global positioning satellite technology to help locate your cat or kitten in the event of a loss. Finally, a cat carrier is necessary for shuttling your kitty back and forth to the vet for checkups. Whether you choose an open-top or enclosed cat carrier, make sure it’s sturdy and easy to navigate.


A bouncy cat can burn up a lot of energy, and toys help keep her physically and mentally stimulated. Look for safe toys like balls or catnip mice. Grooming Kitten supplies are another must-have for a new cat or kitten. A brush and toothpaste, for example, should be on hand to start your cat off with good dental health (which can prevent gum disease). Look for nail trimmers designed for cats; small scissor-like clippers work better than more extensive squeeze-style options. Consider a microchip for your cat. These tiny chips with a unique ID number can help reunite you and your pet if she gets lost. Also, consider getting a collar and ID tag to help identify your cat if she gets separated. Also, consider a pet camera to stay connected with your kitty when you’re not at home.

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