Top Job Hunt Sites And CV Writing Services In Ireland: A Guid

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Ireland, the land of captivating mythologies and eye-catching landscapes, has a job market that is full of opportunities but also equally competitive.


Since the Irish economy started adapting to changes, more and more opportunities have continued to emerge, which holds the globe’s attention. Along with that, Ireland is also one of the most competitive countries for finding jobs. So, if you want to make your job hunt journey a breeze, you must know about two things: the best CV writing services and job posting sites. 


In this article, we will explore a few excellent sites for searching for a job and several top-notch resume-writing services in Ireland. So, keep reading.

Search Smart Not Hard: Top Job Posting Sites In  That You Must Look At

Knowing where to find something will help you reach halfway there. 


So, if you are a recruiter who is searching for top talents or a candidate who is planning to switch jobs, knowing this element is essential. But you might have to look for a reliable site that can craft your well-written CV Ireland, as it is also pretty crucial for the success of your search. So, if you have no clue about the sites that can fulfill these needs, then don’t worry. 


We have jotted down a few popular areas below that can ease your job or talent hunt journey.

If you are looking for a top-rated site for job seekers, then this can be your ideal destination. 


Every weak, posts over 1000 new jobs that serve approximately 800,000 users monthly. So, no matter what sector you worked in, like tech, finance, healthcare, or education, you will get search research related to 30+ industries. Additionally, this platform has a high engagement rate and possesses five million job searches monthly on average. Lastly, it’s one of the affordable options as well, with various pricing plans.

If you prefer a user-friendly interface, then you must opt for this one. is popular for its clean and easy-to-handle platform, due to which it has an 82% customer retention rate. You can also adjust the search location as well. Thus, no matter which country you refer to for a job hunt, you can sort opportunities according to that. Additionally, this geographical sorting feather benefits small and medium-sized businesses. What’s more, this platform also allows the SMBs to scale their recruitment based on flexibility in job postings. 


If you have a closer view of Jobbio, you will love its unique approach of linking talented individuals with relevant companies. Thus, it is considered a career marketplace. 


Additionally, it has a live bio option, which the user frequently maintains according to their experience. As a result, it is eye-catching for more than 4000 companies globally. This platform also aids in network building, which will offer growth in the long term. 

Indeed Ireland

As a job hunter and job poster, you must be aware of Indeed. But if you are living in Ireland, then you can use the Irish portal on this platform. As a result, you will get a global reach with lovely opportunities. Additionally, employers can uplift the visibility of their job postings, and then they need to pay a small fee per day. Recruiters can also control the cost of the pay-per-click model on this platform for sponsored listing. 


If you are seeking the most experienced site for job hunting, then you can pick RecruitIreland, as it has been operational since 1999. 


It has a success rate of  90% for top-tier listings. Additionally, this site doesn’t just offer opportunities but also provides career advice to the user, which helps them grow. It also offers comprehensive support to SMBs with the assistance of the HR team. 


All in All, these are the few sites in Ireland that can help you make your job hunting a breeze. You can pick any one of them that matches your requirements. Now, let’s have a look at a few CV writing services in this country that can help you craft an appealing draft. 

Get A Well-Crafted Resume: Top CV Writing Services In Ireland

When you are done with finding the right site for your job search, it’s time to start applying for your desired role. 


For that, you will require a well-written resume that showcases you as a best fit. This is where most people seek any CV writing service in Dublin. So, if you are one of them and those thousands of sites confuse you, then don’t panic. We are listing a few of the top ones below for your help. 

  • ResumeZest (It is a famous company that offers pocket-friendly service and quick turnaround times. A certified writer will be there to do your work, and they have excellent customer service. They are also members of the PARW/CC)


  • The CV Centre (It is a subgroup of the famous James Innes Group and is a reputable service provider in Ireland. You will be able to chat personally with your writer to discuss requirements. Additionally, you can also select your desired delivery time but with additional cost)


  • FindMyProfession (They are a global company, and their work is also promoted on sites like Forbes, Inc., Zety, and more. You can work with a certified resume writer one-on-one in the US)


  • Linking Lines (They are based in Cork and established by Kristina Simunovic in 2015. She is TEFL certified. She possesses a team of certified and trained resume writers and career coaches. This platform also has a live chat option for urgent CV writing)


All in all, these are the few top platforms that offer the best services for crafting a resume. We have covered each of them precisely for your ease. 

Can I get a job in Ireland directly?

If you are a worker outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), you must have an employment permit to work in Ireland. With good spoken and written English skills, you can easily find full-time jobs in technology, science, finance, HR, and health in this country.


Which job is in demand in Ireland?

Currently, individuals in accounting and finance are in demand in Ireland. 


What jobs are on the critical skill list in Ireland?

A few titles in the critical skills list are industrial pharmacists, chemical scientists, medical lab scientists, biochemists, structural engineers, site engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers.


Which city offers more job opportunities in Ireland?

Cork, Dublin, and Galway possess more work opportunities in Ireland. 


Whether you are an employer or a job seeker in Ireland, seeking great talents and the desired role can be a challenging task to do sometimes. 


The reason behind that is you need to pick and fight from a pool full of qualified and skilled people. This is why, for your ease, we have done all the hard work for you and listed all the top platforms above. Now, it’s your job to select the ones which suit you. 


So, stop delaying more and get assistance from the above services to speed up your job search journey. We bet you won’t regret your choice. 


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